Sick Child Care

Sick & Well Entrances

We offer separate sick and well entrances and reception areas at all three of our locations.  We ask that you limit the number of guests that accompany you and your child on an office visit.  Seating is limited in our reception area and your guests might be exposed to illnesses.

Please do not leave children unattended in the reception areas.  We request that you not bring food or beverages (other than formula) into the office.

All three locations provide a smoke free environment.  Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the facility.

If you suspect your child is ill to any degree please be considerate and keep your child in the sick reception area.  If you think your child has chicken pox and needs to be seen, please discuss entry into the facility with each location staff prior to coming in. 

We do not keep toys in the reception areas because they are not practical with the many sick children we see throughout the day.  The risk of transmission of germs is too great.  We tidy up and disinfect our reception areas twice a day.  We encourage you to bring your child's favorite books or small toy to help them be entertained and more comfortable during the visit.  We also provide TV viewing rooms with movies for the kids to watch.

In-office Visit

Sick visits to Roswell Pediatric Center

Please call us if your child is ill and you need advice or think your child needs to be seen. Our receptionists are trained to assess your child's symptoms to determine if your child needs an “urgent” or same day appointment.

The receptionist may suggest speaking with our advice line to determine if there might be an appropriate course of treatment at home before scheduling an office visit.

We will always see your child if you feel it is necessary. If you think your child will need a same day appointment, the best time to call is first thing in the morning.

Tools to Help Parents