Roswell Pediatrics Infant Feeding Guidelines

  1. Introducing Solid Foods to Infants
  2. 4 - 6 Month Old Feeding Guide
  3. 6 - 8 Month Old Feeding Guide
  4. 9 - 12 Month Old Feeding Guide
  5. Sample Menus for Infants 4 - 12 Months Old
  6. Fluids and Vitamins
  7. Gagging and Choking


  1. Helpful Breastfeeding Tips (from
    1. A Smart Start to Breastfeeding
    2. Make Breastfeeding Easy
    3. 10 Breastfeeding Problems Solved
    4. Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding
    5. Things You Didn't Know about Breastfeeding
    6. How Breastfeeding Changes as Baby Gets Older
  2. We recommend this video, Feeding Your Newborn: Breastfeeding

Healthy Eating Guidelines

  1. Building healthier diets
    1. The Food Pyramid For Kids
    2. Necessary Nutrients
    3. How to read nutrition labels
  2. Tips
    1. Tips to help you eat fruits
    2. Tips to help you eat vegetables
    3. Tips to help you eat whole grains
    4. Tips to help you make wise choices from the Protein Foods Group
    5. Tips for making wise choices in the Dairy Group
  3. Preventing of and dealing with picky eaters and fostering healthy feeding behaviors (from the renowned expert nutritionist, Ellyn Satter (
    1. Division of Responsiblity
    2. Raise a Healthy Child Who is a Joy to Feed
    3. How Children Learn to Like New Food
    4. Your Child Will Grow Up To Get the Right Body
    5. How Children Become Competent Eaters
    6. Your Child Will Grow Up To Get the Right Body


  1. What is a Vegetarian Diet?
  2. Vegetarian Teens
  3. Raising Vegetarian Children


  1. Daily Calcium Needs by Age:
    1. 1-3 years: 700 milligrams
    2. 4-8 years: 1,000 milligrams
    3. 9-18 years: 1,300 milligrams
    4. 19-50 years: 1,000 milligrams
  2. The WebMD Calcium Calculator - useful to determine if you or your child is getting appropriate daily calcium.

Food Allergies

  1. Allergy Information from
    1. Food Allergies Symptoms and Diagnosis
    2. Common Food Allergens
    3. Anaphylaxis
    4. Oral Allergy Syndrome
  2. Food Allergy Educational Videos for Parents - from
    1. What is a Food Allergy? Kids Awareness Module
    2. Practical Food Allergy Management: Prevention
    3. Practical Food Allergy Management: Preparedness
    4. How to Read an Ingredient Label for Food Allergies
    5. Food Allergy Awareness for Parents in the School Community
    6. Food Allergies in School: What Parents need to know
    7. How to Use an EpiPen Autoinjector
  3. - additional excellent resources for parents