Newborn Care

Newborn feeding information for patients of Roswell Pediatric Center

Infant and Child Care Handbook

Parents of new babies can download and print the "Infant and Child Care Handbook" to learn more about the care of your new arrival.

RPC's Infant Feeding Guide

The Roswell Pediatric Center "Infant Feeding Guide" is a collection of current guidelines of ways to safely introduce foods to your baby. Until recently, pediatricians advised parents to delay introducing the highly "allergenic foods", such as eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, until at least a year of age. However, current scientific studies have shown that early introduction of allergenic foods may decrease an infant's risk of developing food allergies! These handouts reflect these new recommendations.


  1. Helpful Breastfeeding Tips (from
    1. A Smart Start to Breastfeeding
    2. Make Breastfeeding Easy
    3. 10 Breastfeeding Problems Solved
    4. Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding
    5. Things You Didn't Know about Breastfeeding
    6. How Breastfeeding Changes as Baby Gets Older
  2. We recommend this video, Feeding Your Newborn: Breastfeeding

Learning CPR

  1. Local Classes
    1. Northside Hospital CPR classes in Alpharetta and Cumming
    2. CPR Training School in Alpharetta, GA
  2. Online and Home Courses
    1. Purchase CPR Anytime (infant and adult/child versions)
    2. Take Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED Online, the official AHA 2 1/2 hour online training course.

Safe Sleep and SIDS Prevention

  1. Safe to Sleep® - Crib Information Center
  2. SIDS and Safe Infant Sleep