Asthma & Allergies


  1. "Iggy and the Inhalers": Videos That Explain Asthma for Parents, Teens, and Kids
    1. What is Asthma?
    2. What are the Symptoms of Asthma
    3. Asthma Attack Emergencies
    4. Asthma Triggers
    5. How to Use an Inhaler
  2. "Impact DC": Asthma Educational Videos
    1. What is an Asthma Flare?
    2. Asthma Flare: Home Care
    3. Your Asthma Medications: What You Should Know
    4. Caring for Asthma at Home: Your Asthma Action Plan
    5. How to use Your Inhaler and Spacer (young children)
    6. How to use Your Inhaler and Spacer (older children)
    7. How to use Your Twisthaler
    8. How to use Your Diskus
    9. Watch the Videos Listed Above in Spanish
  3. Asthma Education - by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  4. Asthma Control Center for Parents and Children - by the Nemours Foundation
  5. Asthma Control Center for Teens - by the Nemours Foundation
  6. Asthma Control Test (ACT) - is your Child’s Asthma Well-controlled?
    1. Childhood Asthma Control Test (children 4-11)
    2. Asthma Control Test (ages 12 and older)


  1. Allergy Center for Parents - by the Nemours Foundation
  2. Food Allergies
    1. Allergy Information from
      1. Food Allergies Symptoms and Diagnosis
      2. Common Food Allergens
      3. Anaphylaxis
      4. Oral Allergy Syndrome
    2. Food Allergy Educational Videos for Parents - from
      1. What is a Food Allergy? Kids Awareness Module
      2. Practical Food Allergy Management: Prevention
      3. Practical Food Allergy Management: Preparedness
      4. How to Read an Ingredient Label for Food Allergies
      5. Food Allergy Awareness for Parents in the School Community
      6. Food Allergies in School: What Parents Need to Know
      7. How to Use an EpiPen Autoinjector
    3. - additional excellent resources for parents